Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability Insurance – Data Breach and Computer Hacking.

Computer Networks, Internet, E-Mail and Websites are exposed to damage and liabilities arising from unexpected sources including Defamation, Hacking, Fraud or Virus Attack.

Hard copy files containing private information on clients or employees could be stolen or compromised resulting in a claim for Data Breach.

Policy covers available are:-

  • The cost of Third Party Legal claims arising out of your e-activities (e-mail) e-commerce and website).
  • Losses suffered as a result of Viruses or Hackers, even if your employees carry out or aid the attack.
  • Your Liability due to your Customers’ Credit Card numbers being stolen or the Theft of your Money during transactions on electronic networks.
  • Claims made against you by your employees for an unsuitable office environment due to disturbing e-mail content or website use, or due to breaches of confidentiality.
  • Financial losses suffered due to a business interruption which prevents you from using your computer systems or trading via your website.
  • Damage to your computer network or any data you hold electronically arising from unauthorised access.
  • Misuse of any information which is confidential or subject to statutory restrictions on its use.

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