Marine Insurance

Michael Kennedy Insurance Group offer Insurance Advice and can arrange Insurance cover for Ship Owners, Port Authorities, Freight Forwarders, Shipping Agents and Personal Yacht Owners and offer a comprehensive service for all Marine Insurance needs.

Covers can include :


Policy Cover – Loss or damage to Vessels and equipment, Collision, Liabilities, Loss of Freight and Charter Hire, Mortgagees Interests, Strikes, Diversion and Demurrage, Ship Building and Ship Repair.


Policy Cover – Loss or damage to Cargo in Transit and Storage including Contingent Liability for Duty and Freight charges, Consequential Loss of Profits.


This policy covers Liability as Vessel Owners, Crew Employees, Charterers, Freight Forwarders, Logistics, Carriers, Warehousemen, Container Terminal and Trailer Operators, Stevedores, Ship Brokers and Ship Agents.


Policy Cover – Loss of or Damage to Containers, Trailers and similar equipment.

Inland Transit

Loss or Damage to goods whilst in transit and during incidental storage anywhere within Ireland.

Charterer’s Liability

Liability arising under Contract with a Ship Owner for the Hire of a Vessel either for a single voyage or a period of time.

Protection and Indemnity

This insurance protects and indemnifies a Ship Owner against Legal Liabilities arising out of the operation of a Ship. This may include Passenger and Third Party Injury Liabilities, Collision Liabilities, Damage to Third Party Property and Contractual Liabilities arising out of the carriage of Cargo and Employment of Crew.

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