Testimonial 4

What I like about MGIG is the broad range of services they provide.  They offer the right advice and give me and my family peace of mind.  They are highly efficient and making a claim is painless and simple.  I trust that they have our best interest at heart

Testimonial 3

MKIG deliver competitive premiums and superb levels of customer care  natural-stone-logo

Testimonial 2

In my 25 years being in business I have found your Company to be 100% efficient in giving the right advice and most courteous. If only a lot of other firms could adopt the same it would be great


Testimonial 1

Our dealing with MKIG spans the best part of 4 decades and 2 generations of our family. We have always valued their knowledge and expertise in ensuring the correct level of cover and achieving a competitive price. You have always given a high level of service and importantly stood by us when a claim arose. No one should compromise when it comes to insurance

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